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Molly Hunting, CEO

Grand Rapids, MI

After receiving degrees in Industrial Management, Manufacturing Management, and Computer Science from Purdue University, Hunting was recruited by Crowe Chizek.  During her five years with the firm, she spearheaded client projects including ERP implementations, best of breed systems integration and strategic planning.  

Hunting left Crowe Chizek to serve as the Application Development Manager for Shape Corp. There she built a team that created and maintained packaged and custom software applications complete with multiple integration points.  Her role expanded when she was promoted to Special Project Manager to oversee advanced costing implementation and assist with organizational restructuring.  Upon successful completion of the corporate restructuring, Hunting was named Director of IT.

Hunting's flagship project at Shape Corp. was implementing the Plex Manufacturing Cloud SaaS ERP solution globally.  She navigated the company through the study process to select Plex and subsequently sold the concept to the executive level in 2005, well before terms like cloud and SaaS were household words.  Hunting's team created an environment that leveraged cloud-based and on-premise solutions to support nearly 30 locations around the world, including the US, Mexico, Canada, Europe, China and Thailand.  Hunting was a founding member of the Plex Customer Advisory Board, serving more than five years.  She is a seasoned expert with the Plex solution from both a technical and a business standpoint (including the Plex UX User Interface).  As a consultant, Hunting brings her familiarity of the diverse landscape of the Plex ecosystem to our clients.


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