Tired of putting data in and struggling to get it back out so it actually helps your team to make business decisions?  We write reports to fill that gap and update business processes to ensure the information is being reviewed in a timely matter.  We leverage our business process knowledge, ERP database experience, and report writing skills to deliver the solutions!

As part of our Report Writing Services, we:

  • Define Reporting Needs
  • Determine How Reports Fit into Business Process
  • Program, Test and Verify The Reports
  • Train Users and Verify Work Instructions

TELEPHONE   +1.6164024601


​We guide people and prioritize work to align with business priorities and resource availability.  We follow up on open issues, ERP provider questions and project activities.  Our project oversight skills can provide you a fair, realistic picture of your implementation.

As part of our Project Management offering, we:

  • Provide Executive Oversight

  • Assist with Prioritization 

  • Create Project and Resource Plans

  • Track Open Activities and Issues

  • Hold Team Meetings

  • Direct Team Based on Best Practices


Is your ERP working for you or is it the other way around?  Let us provide an assessment of how and what you have implemented.  We can make recommendations based on our knowledge of ERP and lean manufacturing best practices.​

As part of our Site Optimization offering, we:

  • ​Assess Readiness and Assist with Transition to the Plex UX Interface

  • Observe and Assess How the ERP System is Used

  • Listen to Team Members to Learn Likes, Dislikes and Opportunities 

  • Compare Against Known Best Practices

  • Provide an Executive Assessment with Recommendations for Leveraging the ERP System 



Spending money on a module on your roadmap that you have not been able to implement yet?  Looking to expand your implementation in new innovative ways?  As part of our Module Implementation Services, we:

  • Develop Current and Future State Business Process Maps
  • Configure the Software
  • Write and Execute Test Plans
  • Enter or Import Data
  • Document Work Instructions
  • Train Users
  • Support Go Live